Bas van de Sande

Bas van de Sande

Dynamics CRM - Azure Architect - Hardcore Developer - Integrator - Problem Solver

with a primary focus on Microsoft technologies


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I’ve been working as a professional software developer and architect for over 20 years, with a solid background in product development.
I believe in simple solutions which help us in getting our jobs done in the most efficient way possible.

My opinion is that technologically almost anything is possible. I strongly believe that technology is just a way to solve a problem. It never can and may be a goal on itself.
No matter the complexity of fhe puzzle, together we can find a tailored solution!

The only limitation is our imagination…


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No matter how big or how small, I'm always interested in helping you to tackle the technical challenges in your IT project. Contact me, if you need any of my services.

Bas van de Sande

+31 6 47396665


Dynamics CRM/365CE

Dynamics CRM/365CE can be hard to tame. Once tamed she’ll jump through hoops.
I offer guidance, technical know-how and hardcore development skills.


Software Architecture

As a Technical Solution Architect, I can act as the technical conscience of your organization, give second opinions, conduct technical reviews. For on-premise, hybrid and cloud based solutions


Software Development

Sometimes you need additional capacity in your development team. From my location I can partner up with your team to assist in either software development or product development.
My primary expertise is Microsoft technology (Azure, dotNet, SQL Server, Office365, Dynamics CRM, Xamarin). I've also experience with IoT (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), Python and GoLang development.